Types of Burger

A burger is a kind of sandwich. It uses a special bun made of yeast bread which is then baked. The burger itself is made of ground meat. This could be any number of kinds of meat and it may be mixed. Most are made with beef. The beef is ground using any number of techniques and then molded into a patty. The patty is generally about 1/4 pounds in weight but could be heavier. If made by hand, the patty should be about the diameter of the palm of the hand and the thickness of a finger.

This then is placed in a pan or on a grill of some type and cooked over heat. In the case of a grill may be over an open flame. Once cooked through it is placed on the bun which has been sliced through the horizontal middle. Condiments may be added such as mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise etc… on the burger along with other additions such as sautéed mushrooms, tomato etc… The top of the bun is placed on top of the condiments and other ecutremon and presented to the eater.

Tuscany Pizza offers a variety of burger, including:
– Tuscany Gourmet Beef Burger
– Marinated Chicken Fillet Burger
– Beef Burger Wrap
– Chicken Fillet Wrap
– Chicken Strips Wrap